Ohio Man Applies for CORONAVIRUS as a Trademark for a Metal Band

On February 9th, 2020, Ohio college student Harley Ganiere applied for the trademark “Coronavirus” to use as a metal band name. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak that is still only beginning, Ganiere was one of the first of many to begin registering trademarks related to the Coronavirus. Since most of these applications were for medicine, apparel, or merchandise, Ganiere’s application was unique. The application went abandoned on February 26, 2021.

Coronavirus Band Facebook
Coronavirus Band Trademark

About Harley Ganiere, Applicant of the Coronavirus Band Trademark

Harley Ganiere does not have much of an online presence for his music. However, several metal guitar riffs of his can be found on his Soundcloud. Ganiere lists himself as a Recording Arts and Technology major at Cuyahoga Community College. Ganiere commented on his “Coronavirus” trademark on Facebook. He said, “I picked it as a joke at first, but now I’m treating it 100% serious. Basically sounds like a tribute to Anthrax.” Anthrax is a heavy metal band and seems to have inspired Ganiere’s musical style. A quick listen to Ganiere’s music shows a large metal influence.

Ganiere has a work in progress song posted on Quadio that potentially could be the debut song for Coronavirus if the trademark application goes through. Ganiere has made a Facebook page for the band already, which can be found here.

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