U.S. and International Trademark Disputes / Litigation Services

Attorney Riddle has 20+ years of experience in US and foreign trademark law He is a licensed attorney, patent attorney, and a trademark litigator.  He has litigated cases in various federal courts spanning Pennsylvania, New York, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and the District of Columbia.  He has handled federal court appeals in the Third Circuit, the Federal Circuit, and he has Petitioned the United States Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari in a trademark case.  He has handled Cancellation and Opposition Proceedings before the United States Trademark Trail and Appeal Board (TTAB).  Through his network of foreign associate attorneys, he has managed legal disputes in many foreign countries.  Examples include China, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, India, Switzerland, Chile, and Mexico.  He has handled trademark and DMCA takedowns before internet service providers like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Ebay, and GitHub.  Because trademarks and copyrights are governed by federal law, Attorney Riddle serves clients in the Federal Courts in all 50 states and overseas.

U.S. and International Trademark Disputes / Litigation Services

Cease and Desist Letters / Resolving the Dispute Before Court

Most intellectual property disputes are resolved without resorting to formal proceedings in the courts.  Cease and Desist Letters, demands, and the negotiations that follow, are critical tools used by counsel to obtain results for their client – without the costs of a court proceeding.  We have extensive experience representing clients on both sides of cease and desist letters. 

Trademark & Copyright Infringement | Internet, eCommerce, and Social Media

The firm represents clients in stopping unauthorized online use of corporate name / trademark / brand identity.  We also defend clients who are accused of online infringement.  We help businesses clear trademark and copyright issues in advance of launching online.  We also provide clients with answers and intervene in intellectual property disputes between parties who have marks that conflict.

The firm has represented clients in domain name dispute proceedings (UDRP Proceedings).  We represent clients with branding issues on Amazon and eBay.  We handle copyright, trademark, DMCA, corporate imposter takedowns before internet service providers like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Pintrest, Ebay, and GitHub.

Litigation in the U.S. Federal Courts, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and Abroad

We handle trademark infringement, declaratory judgment, and related actions in the Federal Courts of the United States.  Because trademark law is federal law, we can represent clients anywhere in the United States and its Territories. We also represent clients in trademark oppositions and cancellations before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  We have particular experience with internet trademark infringement matters where the accused is located outside the United States.  In these cases, we work with foreign attorneys and law firms to take action in the jurisdiction(s) where the infringer resides – to have maximum effect.

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