Trademark Symbol – ™ vs. ®

Trademark Symbol - ™ vs ® Trademark ™ - The TM Symbol - The Trademark Symbol The Trademark symbol (™), "The TM Symbol" is often used on logos, names, phrases, or words. The TM Symbol is used proactively by companies to indicate the mark is their own exclusive property. The Trademark ™ symbol has no legal meaning, but can be used on unregistered marks as a “no trespassing” sign. The Trademark Office Rules of Procedure state that you may use terms such as "trademark," "trademark applied for," "TM" and "SM" regardless of whether a mark is registered. These are not official or statutory symbols of federal registration. If you are using ™ Symbol , the trademark is most likely not registered. As such, your rights to enforce an unregistered trademark would stem from common law … Common Law Trademark Rights may (or may not) apply depending on [...]

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Adidas Logos: Logo Trademarks Owned by Adidas

A Huge List of ADIDAS Logos From the Trademark Office US Trademark Office records show over 100 trademark applications for adidas logos. That is, the trademark office search is restricted to exclude Standard Character Trademarks. A detailed list of adidas logos is below. The adidas brand is one of the most iconic and well-known athletic brands in the world. With a history that stretches back over 100 years, adidas has become synonymous with high-quality performance gear and cutting-edge design. From its humble beginnings as a small shoe factory in Bavaria, adidas has grown into a global brand that is synonymous with quality, performance, and style. Adidas Logos Began in Germany Adidas is a German sportswear company founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. The company's logo, three parallel stripes, is one of the most recognizable in the world. The company produces a wide range [...]

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The Trademark Process – Trademark Application Process and Timeline

What Is the Trademark Process and Timeline for Your Trademark Application? The trademark process and timeline described below sets out the general path a trademark application takes in its lifecycle. Registering a trademark or trademarking a logo is a legal process. As a legal process, the trademark application path can take many turns subject to legal advocacy, statutory interpretation, introduction of argument and evidence. That 's why it's important to benefit from the experience of a licensed attorney. With 20+ years experience in trademark law, we anticipate the common problems associated with registering a trademark, provide advice, and incorporate trademarking strategies into the application process. Before the application is prepared and filed, we interview and consult with you. We discuss the various options, risks, and benefits that are presented with your trademark situation. We will will provide you with guidance and feedback regarding your trademark. We endeavor to provide you [...]

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How Many Trademarks Does Taylor Swift Have? Hundreds of Taylor Swift Trademarks

How Many Trademarks Does Taylor Swift Have? Hundreds of Taylor Swift Trademarks How Many Trademarks Does Taylor Swift Have? As of October 28, 2022, there are 214 live trademark records corresponding to trademark applications and registrations. The latest being MIDNIGHTS MAYHEM WITH ME. See a detailed list of trademark applications and trademarked names owned by TAS Rights Management, LLC, which is identified as the "Secret Police" of the Taylor Swift brand. Actually, it's more like the brand management and enforcement arm of TAYLOR SWIFT Trademarks and Brands. Businesses try to capitalize in any way on the fame of Taylor Swift. A good example is shirts on etsy using lyrics from her songs. An easy sell when you have her brand identity on your shirt. TAS Rights Management is active in opposing trademark applications for her Album names, song lyrics, and brand identity. There is a potential opposition in the [...]

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Christmas Trademarks

Is Merry Christmas Trademarked? Yes. Read About Christmas Trademarks Christmas Trademarks It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are numerous retailers, activities, and events that help us celebrate the holiday season. Some of them even trademarked the name MERRY CHRISTMAS. Is MERRY CHRISTMAS trademarked? Yes. But that doesn't mean you can't use the name in a non-commercial sense. You can even trademark MERRY CHRISTMAS for your business or products, as long as there is no confusion with the products or services for existing MERRY CHRISTMAS trademarks. We’ve already discussed our favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving Trademarks, so now we are featuring a list of MERRY CHRISTMAS trademarks and our favorite Christmas trademarks that are registered with the USPTO. Is Merry Christmas Trademarked? Yes. Check out this list of Registrations and Applications. [...]

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Trademark Application filed for Terrell Owens Name

TERRELL OWENS Trademark Application Filed - Philadelphia, PA Terrell Owens has filed a trademark application to register his name TERRELL OWENS. Terrell Owens Trademark Application Details Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens has filed a trademark application for his name TERRELL OWENS. The TERRELL OWENS trademark application number 97617856, was filed on October 6, 2022. Owens is looking to use the mark for a variety of goods and services, including but not limited to: -Entertainment services -Sports Jerseys It's unclear what Owens' plans are for his name trademark, but it's possible that he's looking to start a clothing line or motivational speaking business. It's also possible that he just wants to make sure that no one else can use his name without permission. Owens was one of the most successful wide receivers in NFL history, playing for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, [...]

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International Trademark Applications and the Madrid Protocol

International Trademark Applications and the Madrid Protocol International Trademark Applications : The Madrid Protocol is an international trademark registration system set up by treaties with many foreign nations. The United States is a member of the Madrid Protocol. As such, U.S. trademark applicants can access the Madrid Protocol system to extend its trademark rights in over 100 jurisdictions including Canada, China, India, and the European Union. A U.S. trademark holder can use the Madrid Protocol to manage and extend trademark rights worldwide – in a single language – often without the burden of hiring trademark counsel in each foreign country. Another benefit is filing date priority. Under various treaties, a U.S. trademark applicant can extend its United States filing date to other countries. Many foreign jurisdictions will treat the foreign trademark application as filed on the US filing date – so long as the [...]

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What is a Joint Work in Copyright?

Joint Work In Copyright / Joint Authorship A brief discussion identifying the concept of a Joint Work under US Copyright Law What is a joint work in copyright law? The Copyright Act defines a joint work as a work “prepared by two or more authors with the intention that their contributions be merged into inseparable or interdependent parts of a unitary whole.” 17 U.S.C. § 101. The contributors to a joint work are considered Joint Authors. Broken down, that is: A work: A work of authorship (content) Prepared by two or more authors: (authors contribute content) With the intention that their contributions be merged into inseparable or interdependent parts of a unitary whole. What is a "work of authorship" in copyright? Per the US Copyright Act, works of authorship include the following categories: (1) literary works; (2) musical [...]

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About Podcast Names and Trademark Law – Trademark a Podcast

About Podcast Names and Trademark Law Trademark a Podcast Brand This is a presentation provided to educate podcast producers about trademark law as it relates to the podcast industry. Trademark a Podcast Brand. Facts: How Many Podcast Trademarks Are Registered in the United States? At the time of writing this article, there are over 42,000 records at the US Trademark Office that list "podcast" in the identification. Almost 18,000 are registered trademarks listing podcasts. Over 15,000 are live podcast trademark registrations. Basics: What is a Podcast Trademark? A trademark is a source identifier. That is something ... a word, name, phrase, symbol, even a sound ... that functions to identify a particular source of goods or services. A podcast trademark is a name, phrase, or logo that is use uniformly to identify your [...]

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The Section 2(f) Trademark or Principal Section 2(f) Trademark Register

What is the Section 2(f) or Principal 2(f) Register for Trademarks? Section 2(f) Trademarks are not registrable without providing proof of widespread recognition or long and continuous use. The Principal Register Section 2(f) Register is a trademark designation managed by the trademark office for marks that are generally not protectable as trademarks, but have acquired trademark protection eligibility due to widespread public recognition as a brand and / or long and continuous use. A great example is the trademark for "Philadelphia" Cream Cheese. Philadelphia - describing a city or location - can't function as a trademark because it's geographically descriptive. But, because of the famous, widespread, and long exclusive use of the name, it attained acquired distinctiveness by the public as a particular source of goods, and is therefore protectable on the Principal Register under Section 2(f). This type of trademark right is known as a trademark established by [...]

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