Christmas Trademarks

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from! Christmas Trademarks It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  There are numerous retailers, activities, and events that help us celebrate the holiday season.  We’ve already discussed our favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving Trademarks,  so now we are featuring our favorite Christmas trademarks that are registered with the USPTO. Hallmark Gold Crown Hallmark is a one-stop shop for classic seasonal gifts.  Christmas shopping can be very overwhelming, but Hallmark has something for everyone on your list.  Hallmark Gold Crown was registered as a trademark on September 15, 2009, as retail store services featuring greeting cards, gifts, and collectibles. The mark consists of the word “Hallmark” in script under an open Crown Design and over the words “Gold Crown” in uppercase block letters. Starbucks [...]

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TACO TUESDAY Trademark Application

Lebron James Files TACO TUESDAY Trademark Application - USPTO Denies  LBJ Trademarks LLC, on behalf of Lebron James, filed a TACO TUESDAY trademark application to register the phrase with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. About the Trademark Application  The trademark application was filed on August 15, 2019. However, the USPTO denied the application because the expression “ a commonplace term message, or expression widely used by a variety of sources that merely conveys an ordinary, familiar, well-recognized concept or sentiment,” according to the USPTO examining attorney in the declined trademark application.  For more information about the next steps in the trademark application and registration process, visit my other article The Trademark Process and Timeline.  Lebron James often uses the phrase on Instagram to describe taco nights with his family. However, the general public questioned whether or not a single [...]

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JORDAN JOHNSON Trademark Application

JORDAN JOHNSON Trademark Application Jordan Johnson of Philadelphia, applied to register JORDAN JOHNSON as a trademark on August 7, 2019. About the JORDAN JOHNSON Trademark Application  The trademark application will be registered for use in Restaurant Services Restaurant services; Restaurant services featuring sandwiches; Restaurant services featuring specialty cuisine; Restaurant services featuring southern cuisine; Restaurant services featuring seafood; Restaurant services, including sit-down service of food and take-out restaurant services, and more. For more information about the next steps in the trademark application and registration process, visit my other article The Trademark Process and Timeline.  About JORDAN JOHNSON Jordan Johnson has been operating as a gourmet seafood restaurant located in Philadelphia for many years. The restaurant provides customers with eat-in, take-out, and delivery options.

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DIETZ NUTS Trademark Application

DIETZ NUTS Trademark Application Filed  Dietz and Watson Corporation has filed a DIETZ NUTS trademark application to register the mark for use with packaged small bite-sized pieces of meat. About the Trademark Application  Philadelphia-based meats and cheese manufacturer Dietz & Watson recently launched their new product, DIETZ NUTS, described as “the world’s first meat nuts.” The  trademark application was filed on February 22, 2019. For more information about the next steps in the trademark application and registration process, visit my other article The Trademark Process and Timeline.  The Origin of the Phrase The phrase "Deez Nuts" originated from Dr. Dre's 1992 album, The Chronic, and recently emerged in pop culture when Dietz and Watson started using it as a play on their brand name. The concept was originally created as a Superbowl stunt, but quickly turned into a product launch [...]

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RISE AND SHINE Trademark Application

Kylie Jenner, Inc. files a trademark application to register RISE AND SHINE.  Recent footage of Kylie Jenner singing the phrase “Rise and Shine” to her daughter went viral in October 2019. Since the video was leaked, “Rise and Shine” has been used in countless memes on social media and has even appeared on apparel and accessories around the world.  Now, the 22-year old billionaire is trying to trademark RISE AND SHINE for Cosmetic use. RISE AND SHINE Trademark Application  A Trademark Application was filed on October 17, 2019, by Kylie Jenner, Inc. However, the RISE AND SHINE trademark application quickly became a controversial topic on social media and in the world of Trademark Law.  Kylie Jenner, Inc. has already received some push back from Cathy Beggan, a businesswoman and single mother from New Jersey. Beggan has spent years developing a nutritional supplement and cosmetic company under [...]

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What is an Incontestable Trademark Registration?

What is an Incontestable Trademark Registration?  A registered trademark is eligible to receive incontestable status after the first 5 years of its registration under Section 15 of the Lanham Act (15 U.S.C. Sect. 1065). • Incontestable trademark status denies others from challenging your trademark. A Combined Section 8 and 15 Declaration is required for applying for incontestable trademark status. Although the Section 15 Declaration is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. Continue reading to learn more about the added benefits and requirements of filing the Section 15 Declaration. The Benefits of Filing for Incontestable Trademark Registration An incontestable trademark denies adverse litigants the ability to challenge your trademark registration. Previously stated, an incontestable trademark denies adverse litigants the ability to challenge your trademark registration. For example, even a prior unregistered user of the trademark is blocked from canceling your trademark registration when it is deemed [...]

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Popular Halloween Candy Trademarks

Popular Halloween Candy Trademarks Celebrate Halloween with by honoring popular Halloween Brands! These are some of the most popular Halloween candy trademarks associated with Halloween candies. Some of your favorite candies surrounding the holiday have registered trademarks with the USPTO. Brach’s® Candy Corn BRACH’S - Few candies have as strong ties to Halloween as Brach’s® Candy Corn. Love them or hate them, these will be seen in many homes with the holiday coming up. Brach’s® has been a registered trademark with the USPTO since 1949. Since then, Brach’s® has restylized their logos to look more modern. Hershey’s® HERSHEY’S - The Hershey Company is well known as one of the biggest chocolate companies in the world. They have held a trademark for Hershey’s® since 1925, when they registered a trademark for commercial use [...]

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Trademark Office Scams – Beware!

Beware of Trademark Office Scams As a trademark applicant and/or registrant, you should expect to receive multiple trademark office scams. Trademark office scams are often disguised as official notices from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requesting payment of fees and/or threatening trademark cancellation.   Expect to Receive Fake Trademark Notices Requesting Payment and Throw Them Away DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE NOTICES. The USPTO will send all official letters and emails to your attorney of record. If you are a client of Attorney Charles Riddle, all official correspondence will come from Attorney Charles Riddle via Riddle Patent Law, LLC or  All Official Notices Will Come From Your Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle via Riddle Patent Law, LLC or A simple rule about trademark scams: If it’s not from your Attorney of Record, it’s a scam. For my clients: If it’s [...]

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Maintain Your Trademark Registration – An Overview of Important Filings

Maintain Your Trademark Registration - A Timeline of Important Filings Congratulations! Your trademark is officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. At this point in time, you have received the Certificate of Registration from the USPTO, but what happens next? In this article we are discussing the steps you should be taking in order to maintain your trademark registration. As a trademark owner, you experience certain rights and benefits with a trademark registration. However, it is up to you, the trademark owner, to maintain your registered mark and enjoy such benefits. In order to maintain your trademark registration, you must file various declarations in the upcoming years. Important Dates to Remember to Maintain Your Trademark Registration: The date of your trademark registration (listed on your Certificate of Registration). The 5th and 6th years after the registration date. The 9th and 10th years [...]

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PHILLY’S OLDEST BAR Trademark Registration

PHILLY'S OLDEST BAR Trademark Registration The City of Philadelphia is home to many historically significant landmarks such as the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and Love Park. Among the nationally recognized pieces of history is McGillin’s Olde Ale House, now officially registered with the USPTO as PHILLY'S OLDEST BAR. Philadelphia Trademark Attorney and Founder of, Charles Riddle, successfully secured the registration on behalf of McGillin's Olde Ale House. About the PHILLY’S OLDEST BAR Trademark Registration Exclusive rights to the trademark were granted to McGillin’s Olde Ale House on July 2, 2019. This mark gives exclusive claim as a “restaurant and bar service” for McGillin’s. This will allow them to openly advertise their longevity to customers and continue to stay open for the foreseeable future. About McGillin's Olde Ale House McGillin’s Olde Ale House in Philadelphia has been operating since [...]

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