USFL Filed Three Philadelphia Stars Trademark Applications

Philadelphia has a new team in town. 2022 brought the return of USFL and the Philadelphia Stars after a nearly 40-year absence. The name and logo is protected with several trademark applications.

The Philadelphia Stars Trademark Applications

The Philadelphia Stars filed for three trademarks. One for the Philadelphia Stars Logo in entertainment, clothing, toys, and beverage wear. The Logo Philadelphia Stars Trademark Application is suspended because it is blocked by a prior filed trademark application.

A Prior-Filed Application notice means that another pending trademark application is blocking yours. Someone else filed an application before your application date, and the earlier application is similar enough to yours to be a grounds for rejection.

Read this article for more about how to respond to a Prior-Filed Application rejection written by Trademark Attorney Charles Riddle.

The PHILADELPHIA STARS name is also the subject of two trademark applications in related categories. The current owner is USFL Enterprises, LLC.

The Philadelphia Stars made their return as one of eight teams in the inaugural season of the United States Football League. The league began playing in April 2022. If the name sounds familiar, it is because the Philadelphia Stars was a franchise in the original USFL. The league launched in 1983 and lasted three years. In fact, not only did they play in the league, they dominated. The team played in all three championship games and won the last two.

The team played its first two seasons in Philadelphia as the Philadelphia Stars. Afterward, they relocated to Baltimore, where they played as the Baltimore Stars for the final season. It is important to note that the new Stars is unrelated to the first. However, both teams do share the same name and logos. It is unclear how much time the coaches and players will actually spend in the city. This is because for the first year, Birmingham, Alabama is hosting all of the games.

PHILADELPHIA Stars Logo Trademark Application