COVID-19 Outbreak Leads to Flurry of Coronavirus Trademark Applications

Amidst the current COVID-19 outbreak, many people are submitting Coronavirus related trademark applications. Since January 27th, applicants submitted about 30 applications containing the word “Corona” that are unrelated to the beer brand.  During this timespan, a variety of Coronavirus trademarks have emerged, including uses for medicine, apparel, merchandise, and more.

Vaccine, Medicine, and Alternative Medicine Trademarks

The first of these Corona trademark applications came from Moderna, Inc., a Massachusetts-based biotechnology company. Moderna applied for the marks “WUHAN CORONA VAX” and “WUHAN CORONA MVAX“. Moderna plans to use these marks for vaccines and treatment of infectious diseases. Currently, the company is working on a vaccine called mRNA-1273 that could potentially be a cure for Coronavirus.

In addition to vaccines, companies are applying to trademark more common medical products. For example, Quality Innovations, Inc. has a live trademark application for “CORONAVIRUSRX“, intended for use on respirators for artificial respiration and fever thermometers.

Also, Hero Scientific, Ltd. applied for the mark, “TELECORONA” for use in telemedicine and medical communication services. The Hero Science Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds biomedical research.

Alternative medicine providers are applying for Corona-related marks as well. There is currently a live trademark application for, “TREATMENT OF CORONAVIRUS WITH ENHANCE OF IMMUNE SYSTEM BY AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY AND CUPPING.” This came from an individual, and would be used for the medical treatment of a virus.

Coronavirus Vaccine Trademark
Coronavirus Trademark Clothing

Apparel Coronavirus Trademarks

Apparel is the most common use for Corona-related trademark applications so far. Five separate applicants submitted applications for variants of the phrase, “I SURVIVED THE CORONAVIRUS”. All five of these applications are for use on apparel, such as shirts and hats. However, one of these applications is also seeking approval for use on paper products.

Several other marks are pending for use on apparel, such as “CORONABABY“, “SICKER THAN CORONA“, and “CORONA-GEDDON“.

Individuals are submitting apparel trademark applications more often than companies.

Magazine, Dietary Drink, and Band Coronavirus Trademarks

Clothing is not the only consumer product that people want Corona trademarks for. For example, Centennial Media LLC applied for the mark “CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL GUIDE” on February 4th. This would be used for magazines in the field of survival, protection, medicine, and pandemics.

There are two submitted trademark applications for dietary supplemental drinks, energy drinks, and soft drinks. The marks for these are “CORONA-V” and “CORONA COCKTAIL“.

Additionally, an Ohio-based application is attempting to register “CORONAVIRUS” as a band name. The applicant, Harley Ganiere, is also seeking use on record albums, entertainment services in the nature of live vocal performances, and t-shirts. Learn more about this application here.

Last updated March 23, 2020.

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