Trademark Application Filed for Philadelphia’s “Trust the Process”

Trademark Application Filed for Locally Praised Mantra "Trust the Process" In the midst of Philadelphia’s most successful year for professional sports, the nationally recognized and locally praised mantra Trust the Process was applied for as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  On May 8, 2018, an Intent-to-Use trademark application [...]

PHILLY DILLY Trademark Likely to Register With U.S. Trademark Office

PHILLY DILLY Trademark Application Likely to Register in Apparel Category In December 2017, an Arizona based corporate entity named Royal Palm Entertainment, LLC filed an Intent to Use Trademark Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for PHILLY DILLY in connection with Hats; Hoodies; and T-Shirts. On [...]

What is a Trademark? – – Online Trademark Guide

What is a Trademark? Can Anything Be a Trademark? A trademark is a brand identifier. A trademark can be practically anything that is capable of identifying a source of goods. For example, a trademark can be a word, logo or graphic design, a slogan. A trademark can even be a sound, a [...]

BIG DICK NICK Trademark Application Filed for T-Shirts: Will it register?

BIG DICK NICK Trademark Application Filed for T-Shirts Before the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off their underdog victory and quarterback Nick Foles became a Super Bowl MVP, two individuals in Atlanta decided to put their money on Nick Foles by filing a BIG DICK NICK trademark application.  The BIG DICK NICK TM application is here.  [...]

Philadelphia Online Copyright Attorney Obtained DMCA Subpoena to Identify Copyright Infringer

Attorney Riddle obtained a DMCA subpoena for his client after making the proof and declaration in the United States District Court in Philadelphia.  A review indicates that this type of DMCA subpoena is the first of its kind obtained in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  A DMCA Subpoena is used by attorneys to [...]

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