PHILLY DILLY Trademark Application Likely to Register in Apparel Category

In December 2017, an Arizona based corporate entity named Royal Palm Entertainment, LLC filed an Intent to Use Trademark Application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for PHILLY DILLY in connection with Hats; Hoodies; and T-Shirts.

Showing Trademark Application Listing for Philly Dilly Trademark

On April 18, 2018, The USPTO sent out a Notice of Publication for the Philly Dilly Trademark Application. This means that the Philly Dilly Trademark Application will be published for opposition by third parties. If unopposed, Philly Dilly will be Granted Registration once a statement of use is timely filed by the applicant.

The Philly Dilly Trademark Application has Been Allowed and will be Published for Opposition

The Philly Dilly Trademark Application was allowed and will be published  for opposition in the USPTO’s Trademark Official Gazette. All trademark applications filed with the USPTO are reviewed by Examining Attorneys. If an Examining Attorney finds the trademark application allowable, the proposed trademark will be published to allow for opposition by third parties.  The purpose of publication is to notify business owners about trademark applications that are about to register. The opposition process provides other businesses with an opportunity to oppose (or stop) the registration.  Opposition Proceedings take place before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

Formal Opposition to the Philly Dilly Trademark Application Begins May 8, 2018

Once the Philly Dilly trademark is published in the Official Gazette, other brand owners have 30 days to oppose the trademark application. If the Philly Dilly Trademark is not opposed within 30 days, the Philly Dilly Trademark Application will move closer to registration as a U.S. Trademark.  The applicant will have to file a statement of use (SOU).  If the SOU is accepted, the trademark will register.