Popular Thanksgiving Trademarks

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Esquiretrademarks.com by honoring popular Thanksgiving trademarks!  Many long-standing traditions surrounding this holiday involve brands that are registered trademarks with the USPTO.

Thanksgiving Trademark for Wine

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®

Thanksgiving Trademarks

Thanksgiving 2018 takes place on Thursday, November 22.  That morning, more than 50 million people will wake up and tune in to the MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE.  The streets of NYC will be lined with spectators as balloons, floats, and live performers pass by.  2018 is the 94th year of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, but the name was actually registered as a trademark on December 1, 1998.  MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE is registered for use in “entertainment services, namely organizing and conducting a parade.”


While the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is happening, you might begin prepping and cooking your BUTTERBALL Turkey.  Thanksgiving, AKA “Turkey Day” is centered around this entree, and Butterball is a very well-known brand.  BUTTERBALL was registered as a trademark on April 21, 1981, for “Poultry and Poultry Parts Including Frozen Dressed Whole Turkey, Stuffed Turkey, and Frozen Turkey Breast”.

Thanksgiving Trademarks

A Charlie Brown® Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown Trademark

Charlie Brown Trademark Application

How many millions of people watch their Thanksgiving Day favorite A Charlie Brown® Thanksgiving?


Football is a longstanding Thanksgiving tradition amongst Americans, whether playing with friends & family or watching the pros of the NFL.  NFL is registered as a trademark for use in Communication services, namely, audio and video broadcasting, entertainment services, namely of television or radio in the field of sports, and the production of sports related programs.

Thanksgiving Trademark

On Thanksgiving, people are expecting to eat as much as they possibly can – and then more – so side dishes are a crucial part of this holiday.  Stuffing, cranberry sauce, and rolls are side dish staples when it comes to a turkey dinner.  Here are some of the most popular thanksgiving trademarks for side dishes:


Thanksgiving Trademarks

STOUFFER’S – Stouffer’s® is registered for use of “Baking paper & paper sheets for cooking, Preserved, frozen, dried, or cooked vegetables, potatoes, fruits, mushrooms, meats, fish, and soups.  Rice, pasta, noodles, and sauces.”


STOVE TOP – A Thanksgiving favorite.  STOVE TOP® is registered as a trademark for “Bread stuffing mix.”

Thanksgiving Trademarks

Ocean Spray®

Thanksgiving Trademarks

OCEAN SPRAY – The go-to brand for a classic cranberry sauce.  Ocean Spray® is a registered trademark for “Dried fruit and fruit-based sauces.”  


PILLSBURY – Pillsbury® is a registered trademark for “Frozen packaged meals consisting of eggs, meat, vegetables and cheese sauce. Biscuit sandwiches, DOUGH.”

Thanksgiving Trademarks

Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee®

Thanksgiving Trademarks

Sara Lee is a popular brand that is responsible for many of our favorite desserts.  The Sara Lee slogan, “Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee” was registered as a trademark on March 21, 1995, for “rolls, pies, cakes, cheesecake, muffins, and ice cream.”

Reynolds Wrap® & Ziploc Brand Containers®

Wondering what to do with all of those leftovers?

Thanksgiving Trademark

Reynold’s Wrap is registered as a trademark for use as a pan liner consisting of a parchment paper layer and an aluminum foil layer.

Ziploc Brand Containers are registered to be used as “plastic storage containers for household use.”

Thanksgiving Trademarks

Kraft® Cool Whip 

Need something extra to make your pumpkin pie hit the mark? Kraft’s Cool Whip has been trademarked since June 17, 1975, and has been a part of many Thanksgiving celebrations since.

The excitement of the holiday season isn’t over yet.  When you’ve had time to digest and rest after your Thanksgiving meal, you may wake up early the next day for some Black Friday shopping.  BLACK FRIDAY is the most popular shopping day of the year, and has also been registered as a trademark for use in Advertising and Marketing services.  Read more in my article BLACK FRIDAY Trademark Registration.

Happy Thanksgiving from EsquireTrademarks.com!