Popular Halloween Candy Trademarks

Celebrate Halloween with Esquiretrademarks.com by honoring popular Halloween Brands! These are some of the most popular Halloween candy trademarks associated with Halloween candies. Some of your favorite candies surrounding the holiday have registered trademarks with the USPTO.

Brach’s® Candy Corn

BRACH’S – Few candies have as strong ties to Halloween as Brach’s® Candy Corn. Love them or hate them, these will be seen in many homes with the holiday coming up. Brach’s® has been a registered trademark with the USPTO since 1949. Since then, Brach’s® has restylized their logos to look more modern.


HERSHEY’S – The Hershey Company is well known as one of the biggest chocolate companies in the world. They have held a trademark for Hershey’s® since 1925, when they registered a trademark for commercial use with sugar. Today, there are hundreds of trademarks for Hershey’s® for use on many different candies as well as merchandise such as clothing or dog toys.


REESE’S – Also owned by The Hershey Company, Reese’s® has been a registered trademark since 1982.


M&M’S – M&M’s® has been a registered trademark since 1942 for use on candy. Mars, Inc. owns the trademark to these very popular and iconic chocolates. 

Interestingly, the candies lacked their signature “M” stamp until 1950. The “M” was printed in black until 1954 when it was changed to white.

Tootsie Roll®

TOOTSIE ROLL – Around Halloween, Tootsie Rolls are seen everywhere and in many assortments of candy. Many associate the candies with Tootsie Pops, made by the same company. Tootsie Roll® has been trademarked since 1987.


SMARTIES – Smarties® Candy Company has been family run since 1949. However, the Smarties® trademark was first registered in 1965.


SKITTLES – Skittles®, like M&M’s®, is owned by Mars, Inc., but they are marketed by a division of Mars known as the Wrigley Company. Skittles® has been a registered trademark since 1982.


SNICKERS – Snickers® are yet another of Mars, Inc.’s popular Halloween treats. Snickers® are one of the Mars’ older trademarks, as it was registered in 1927. These popular chocolates contain peanut, nougat, and caramel, and are often enjoyed after being frozen.


TWIZZLERS – These famous licorice candies were introduced in 1929 as a product of Y&S Candies, Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since then, Y&S Candies has become a subsidiary of The Hershey Company. Twizzlers® has been a registered trademark since 1959.


NERDS – Nerds® was registered as a trademark by Nestle in 1998. However, in 2018, Nestle sold Nerds® to the Ferrara Candy Company, who are also the owner of Brach’s® Candy Corn.

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Happy Halloween from EsquireTrademarks.com!

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