Trademark Application Filed for LOVE Park

The City of Philadelphia has applied to register the iconic LOVE Park as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The LOVE Park trademark application was filed for use in promoting tourism and recreation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Photograph of Love Park

Love Park Trademark Application City of Philadelphia

LOVE Park Trademark – About LOVE Park:

LOVE Park, officially recognized as John F. Kennedy Plaza, is located in the heart of the city, at the corner of 15th street and JFK Boulevard. In 1965, city planner Edmond Bacon, father of actor Kevin Bacon, designed the public space over an underground parking garage as an entrance to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The plaza’s nickname “LOVE Park” did not surface until 11 years later when the Love sculpture was brought to Philadelphia for the United States Bicentennial.

In 1970, American pop artist Robert Indiana designed the Love sculpture that soon became one of Philadelphia’s most symbolic artifacts. To the public’s dismay, the sculpture was removed two years after the Bicentennial. However, as a response to the negative reactions of the people of Philadelphia, the Chairman of the Philadelphia Art Commission, F. Eugene Dixon, Jr., decided to purchase the sculpture to be returned to the Plaza.

In order to better reflect Indiana’s original vision, the statue was recently restored to highlight the colors purple, red, and green. In May 2018, the new and improved LOVE Park was officially unveiled to the public and now includes greenery, walking paths, and seating areas that attract tourists and locals alike. – Philadelphia Copyright Attorneys – What We Do:

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