Double Doink Trademark Application

2018 brought us the “Philly Special” and “Philly Dilly”. This year, Philadelphia Eagles’ fans celebrated the “Double Doink” – the failed field goal attempt by Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey that allowed the Eagles to continue into the playoffs. Soon after, the season ended for the Eagles after losing to the New Orleans Saints on January 13, 2019 but the “Double Doink” lives on. 

About the DOUBLE DOINK Trademark Application

An application was filed to register DOUBLE DOINK as a trademark on January 8, 2019, just two days after the infamous playoff game.  Myron Thews of Wisconsin applied to register DOUBLE DOINK with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for use in “online, and clothing, novelty items”. 

Double doink trademark application

Prior to the filing date of the application, the phrase DOUBLE DOINK dominated social media and made its way across the city of Philadelphia on billboards, buildings, and even in some restaurants.

Will the DOUBLE DOINK Trademark Register?

The trademark application will be examined 4-6 months from the filing date.  If no-one previously registered a similar mark for similar services, the application will be published for opposition by third parties.  Then, if no-one opposes the application, the applicant must begin using the trademark with the services described in the application.  Visit my other article for more about the Trademark Application Timeline and Process.