DIETZ NUTS Trademark Application Filed 

Dietz and Watson Corporation has filed a DIETZ NUTS trademark application to register the mark for use with packaged small bite-sized pieces of meat.

About the Trademark Application 

Philadelphia-based meats and cheese manufacturer Dietz & Watson recently launched their new product, DIETZ NUTS, described as “the world’s first meat nuts.” The  trademark application was filed on February 22, 2019. For more information about the next steps in the trademark application and registration process, visit my other article The Trademark Process and Timeline. 

The Origin of the Phrase

The phrase “Deez Nuts” originated from Dr. Dre’s 1992 album, The Chronic, and recently emerged in pop culture when Dietz and Watson started using it as a play on their brand name. The concept was originally created as a Superbowl stunt, but quickly turned into a product launch and pop culturally-inspired campaign.