Allentown Federal Court Grants Jurisdictional Discovery in a Trademark eCommerce Case

Attorney Riddle wins legal argument to obtain jurisdictional discovery in response to a motion to dismiss.  Attorney Riddle filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment in Federal Court for the Eastern District Of Pennsylvania relating to a trademark matter.  The defendant filed a motion to dismiss relating to jurisdiction, and Attorney Riddle successfully argued to have the motion [...]

Attorney Riddle Establishes Relationship with IP Law Firm in Madrid, Spain

Attorney Riddle often works with foreign law firms and attorneys to procure and enforce intellectual property rights abroad. Recently, Mr. Riddle established a relationship with Attorney Luigi Carlini, of, to enforce intellectual property rights for an international cybersecurity client. The alleged, located in Spain, was providing unauthorized trademark / copyright Internet content and potentially infringing [...]

Trademark Application Granted for The Lancaster Food Co.

Trademark Application Granted for Lancaster Foods, Lancaster, PA What We Do: Charles Riddle is a licensed attorney, registered U.S. Patent Attorney, and a litigator. Our trademark attorney works on the application of patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the United States and abroad. Attorney Riddle prosecutes and defends patent, trademark, and copyright litigations in [...]

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