Attorney Riddle Interviewed by CBS 10 WTAJ About PSU’s Trademark Application for HAPPY VALLEY

Attorney Riddle, Owner of, was recently interviewed by WTAJ’s Evan Hinkley, on whether or not Penn State University will be able to trademark “Happy Valley” on shirts and hats. Penn State University is applying for a principal trademark, but will most likely be granted the “lesser” supplemental register. Attorney Riddle says, “Supplemental or not, they’re gonna say: Just because the government says we’re supplemental doesn’t mean anything…. we still own trademark rights.” Attorney Riddle goes into more detail about this topic in his article Three Reasons Why Penn State Can’t Trademark Happy Valley.

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Attorney Riddle also mentions the limitations of trademarks on the supplemental register. He says, “The number one thing is that it requires more effort to prove in court that you own rights…. Also, which is huge these days, is that will not accept a supplemental trademark.” For more information about the supplemental register, visit What is the Trademark Supplemental Register? – Online Trademark Attorneys – What We Do:

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