Using the DMCA to Enforce Copyright on the Internet –

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - A Quick Breakdown. The DMCA absolves internet service providers (ISP's) from liability for copyright infringement if the ISP's follow specific Notice and Takedown Rules outlined in the Statute. Naturally, anyone hosting content on the web follows the DMCA Notice and Takedown Rules to be free of liability. [...]

Copyright Ownership for Graphic Designers –

Ground Rules for Artists / Graphic Designers. The Author Has the Power to Control Use of the Work. The author of the work is the owner of copyright. Typically the person who fixes the expression of creativity to the medium.  (ink, paint, pixels, clay, etc.) Contributes a minimal degree of [...]

What is a Copyright? – – Online Trademark Guide

Copyright Is a Legal Right to Exclude Others from Copying an Original Work of Authorship. Right to Exclude (Life of Author +70 years) Original Work of Authorship (your work, not public domain) Copying (reproducing, public display, derivative work) Let's Discuss Ownership / Authorship of a Copyright → [...]

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What Is Intellectual Property? – – Online Trademark Guide

What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual Property broadly describes "creations of the mind" such as inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, text, and images used to identify a business. Intellectual Property, or "IP" Laws, are designed to protect these creations of the mind. IP laws generally fit into the following categories: patent [...]

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