Company & Product Branding Services: Do it Right the First Time.

Finding the perfect name for your company or product can be difficult. As a result, countless small companies eventually have to change their name and branding due to legal issues, which can become very costly. With Esquire Trademarks, you can go to a trademark attorney for branding services and do it right the first time.

I am an accomplished trademark attorney with 20 years of experience, and I believe that putting my clients first is important, so I want to work with you throughout this process. My goal is to provide you with the perfect representation of the image you have for your brand. In order to accomplish this, I offer live, real-time brainstorming sessions both in person and over teleconference to help you craft your branding the way you want to. I provide the ability to search for available domain names and corresponding available trademarks.  Additionally, I can work with branding companies and their clients for trademark clearance. As a trademark attorney, I can help you to make sure your company or product is protected.


Charles L. Riddle, Esq.

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Our Services Include…

Providing Trademark Clearance for Brand Owners Choosing a Business or Product Name

We work to create and protect the perfect identity for your business.

We understand that choosing the perfect brand name is a complex process. Not only does your brand name need to be creative and catchy, it also needs to cover the respective trademark clearances. We are unlike other companies because we can offer comprehensive advice on the legal aspects of branding. Because of this, we can make sure your brand is both fitting for your business and legally safe. 

We’re here to help. branding services include:

Providing Live Legal Assistance for Service Providers in the Branding Industry can work with your business naming service to provide a legal and trademark clearance service.

We can work with you to provide legal assistance as a value add-on to your current branding services. Ultimately, our services will help guide you through the legalities of the branding process and ensure proper trademark clearance. Because of this, we believe that going to a trademark attorney for branding services is the best choice.

We can also participate in live, real-time brainstorming sessions, either in person or by webconference. During this session, we can conduct a trademark analysis during the initial business name idea generating process that you provide for your client as a branding and marketing professional.

Set your branding services apart from others by providing trademark legal as part of your branding package. Do it right the first time.

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We support businesses, law firms, and individuals by providing specialized legal services in intellectual property matters.