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Attorney Riddle is 5th Generation Lackawanna Valley.  In 1870, his gg-grandfather Charles Riddle immigrated from Cornwall, worked here as a miner, and established a homestead in the Sibley section of Taylor Pennsylvania.

Attorney Riddle has been serving the Northeast PA and Poconos region for over 20 years. The Scranton trademark law office has been in Downtown Scranton Scranton on Lackawanna Avenue since 2008. He grew up in Dunmore and studied engineering at Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre. From the Scranton office, we serve clients in the Lackawanna Valley and the Luzerne County area. We have clients come in from the Poconos, Binghamton, Williamsport, and Stroudsburg areas.

Attorney Riddle has acted as lead counsel and local counsel in various trademark infringement, and intellectual property cases before the federal court here in Scranton – United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. In the past, Attorney Riddle served as patent counsel to the University of Scranton.

We serve national and international clients in trademark, copyright, patent and intellectual property matters. We also handle online trademark application work for clients located outside of the region. acts an an online trademark attorney, and we can help you with a trademark search, or a trademark application. With 20+ years experience as a trademark litigator, we can quickly help you resolve issues and questions relating to trademarking a brand name. is a service of Riddle Patent Law, LLC. The law practice focuses on the prosecution and defense of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and intellectual property matters. Because trademark law is a body of federal law, Esquire Trademarks serves clients throughout the United States and abroad in varying federal district courts. Esquire Trademarks focuses on various patent, trademark, and copyright application and registration matters – as well as litigation in the federal courts.

Trademark Application Process and Timeline

In the trademark process and timeline, we describe what happens once the application is filed. Before the application is prepared and filed, we interview and consult with you. We discuss the various options, risks, and benefits that are presented with your trademark situation. We will will provide you with guidance and feedback regarding your trademark. We endeavor to provide you with a full and clear picture of what you can expect in the trademark process. With 20 years experience in trademark law and litigation, we can anticipate most issues and craft the trademark application in a way that avoids most rejections and refusals.

Once Your Trademark Application Is Filed, the entire trademark process takes 6-8 months. Office actions and third party oppositions can extend this timeline significantly. We keep you informed of the developments regarding your trademark application as it moves through the process.
Learn more about various steps involved in the trademark process.