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Trademark Attorney Philadelphia

Trademark and Copyright Attorney Charles L. Riddle has served clients in the Greater Philadelphia Area since 1999, when he began clerking with a boutique intellectual property law practice in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  The office in Center City Philadelphia is available to serve the clients of and Riddle Patent Law, LLC.  Attorney Riddle practices before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania as lead counsel, and as local counsel, in Trademark, Copyright, and Intellectual Property cases. is a service of Riddle Patent Law, LLC.  The law practice focuses on intellectual property litigation and disputes.  This includes the prosecution and defense of trademark, patent, copyright, unfair competition infringement matters.  Because trademark, patent, and copyright law is a body of federal law, the practice serves clients throughout the United States and abroad in varying federal district courts. focuses on various patent, trademark application, trademark search, and copyright application and registration matters – as well as litigation in the federal courts. acts an an online trademark attorney, and we can help you with a trademark search, or a trademark application.  With 17 years experience as a trademark litigator, we can quickly help you resolve issues and questions relating to trademarking a brand name.