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The Allentown Office is just off of I-78 at its intersection with Route 100.  The office is about 2 hours from Manhattan, about an hour to Philadelphia and Scranton, and 1:15 to Harrisburg.

Trademark Lawyer Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Lehigh Valley

In order to better serve his current and future clients in the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and The Lehigh Valley, Attorney Riddle opened an office in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2013. acts an an online trademark law firm. We can help you with a trademark search, or a federal trademark application. With 20+ years experience as a trademark litigator, our attorney and team can quickly help resolve issues and questions relating to trademarking a brand name. is a service of Riddle Patent Law, LLC. The law practice focuses on the prosecution and defense of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and intellectual property matters. Because trademark law is a body of federal law, Esquire Trademarks serves clients throughout the United States and abroad in varying federal district courts. Esquire Trademarks focuses on various patent, trademark, and copyright application and registration matters – as well as litigation in the federal courts.

Our Allentown Trademark Attorney with 20+ years experience is well versed in Federal Trademark Law. We can help you trademark a logo or a business name. helps those who are located in Allentown and the surrounding areas with their trademark related legal needs and/or legal issues. Specifically, Trademark Attorneys usually file trademark applications with the USPTO, maintain trademark registrations registered with the USPTO, and enforce trademark rights through litigation and other appropriate means and strategies.

The trade mark application process begins with a telephone or in-person consultation with the lawyer. We will discuss your brand registration needs and screen your trademark for the potential grounds for objection or refusal. We perform a knock out search at the beginning of the call. If the name or logo is already registered for the same or similar goods, there is little sense in continuing. We can discuss choosing or how to come up with a name for your business trademark use.

Part of the trademark registration process is to educate clients as to how trademark law actually works. We want clients to be well informed and confident knowing how the process works and what to expect.

In order to complete the trademark or logo registration process, the owner must show that the mark is being used in commerce. For goods or products, this means you’ve sold branded product. For service based trademark applications, this means you’ve rendered the services identified in the trademark application using the name or logo you applied for in the trademark application.

Trademark Application Process and Timeline

In the trademark process and timeline post, we describe what happens once the application is filed. Before the application is prepared and filed, we interview and consult with you. We discuss the various options, risks, and benefits that are presented with your trademark situation. We will will provide you with guidance and feedback regarding your trademark. We endeavor to provide you with a full and clear picture of what you can expect in the trademark process. With 20 years experience in trademark law and litigation, we can anticipate most issues and craft the trademark application in a way that avoids most rejections and refusals.

Once Your Trademark Application Is Filed, the entire trademark process takes 6-8 months. Office actions and third party oppositions can extend this timeline significantly. We keep you informed of the developments regarding your trademark application as it moves through the process.
Learn more about various steps involved in the trademark process.

Read About Lehigh Valley’s Famous Common Law Trademark Yoccos!

Yocco’s Hot Dogs – has 2 locations in Allentown (Hamilton Park and Alton Park), and others in Emmaus, Trexlerton, and Fogelsville. They’ve been around since 1922. Famous in the Lehigh Valley. Although the name is not registered with the trademark office, the business has acquired common law trademark rights based on longstanding use.